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Calamp Fusion 4G LTE w/ B17, WIFI-3X3 - AT&T

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  • Model: 140-9340-100

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Fusion DataSheet

Note: The Calamp Fusion is available for activation on the AT&T network and comes with a 1 year warranty.

The Calamp Fusion is a high-performance broadband router that provides secure, wireless data connectivity over LTE cellular networks and future-ready, FirstNet Band 14. With its rugged design, three Ethernet ports and cutting-edge GPS system, the Fusion can be utilized as a hotspot to connect multiple, local devices and generate a vehicle network for a wide-range of mission-critical situations. This device offers reliable connectivity and redundancy by routing traffic concurrently between carrier networks, without using an external router or switch. An optional b/g/n WiFi interface with both access point and client configuration enable flexible, concurrent operation of a variety of network scenarios.

The Fusion offers full-edge router capabilities and simultaneously supports data, voice and video applications. It administers real-time communications for first-responders and facilitates vehicle-tracking/location-based services, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software interoperability, camera surveillance and much more. The Fusion features CalAmp's secure web-based platform and Device Outlook, which helps better manage, monitor and control devices remotely. This application oversees system diagnostics and updates firmware and configuration changes over-the-air to lessen costs and improve operational efficiencies. A list of this device's additional benefits include:


  • 4G/3G Multi-Network LTE Router permits continuous, network connectivity
  • Automatic switchover and concurrent coverage for seamless operation
  • Reliable GPS for accurate vehicle location
  • Compatible with CalAmp's DeviceOutlook for simple device management

With its powerful features and versatile connection options, the Calamp Fusion offers an excellent networking solution to meet all your business or company's demands.