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CradlePoint COR IBR600P 3G w/ WiFi - AT&T

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  • Model: IBR600P-AT

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COR IBR600 DataSheet

Note: The CradlePoint COR IBR600P is available for activation on the AT&T network and comes with a 1 year warranty.

If you are searching for a router that can provide stable connectivity and comes with impressive features, such as, built-in GPS and Wi-Fi; the CradlePoint COR IBR600P is the device for you. It features a powerful M2M Integrated Broadband router with a HSPA+ embedded modem. The COR is designed to help maximize connectivity streams, while also working with a host of industrial, retail, and M2M network solutions.

The IBR600 is ideal for use in portable or fixed applications such as, ATMS, kiosks, surveillance, vehicles and much more. In addition, the IBR600P can also provide support for wired networks, such as, DSL or Cable. The IBR600 permits secure and reliable VPN functionality, which allows users to manage, create and terminate up to 5 simultaneous IPsec VPN sessions. This gives more secure access to company networks for enterprise applications and provides a secure method of transmitting sensitive data from a remote site. A list of additional benefits include:

IBR 600P Benefits:

  • Perfect for kiosks, ATMS, surveillance and other portable-fixed locations that demand 24/7 connectivity
  • High network availability with ECM - powered automatic failover/failback internal functionality
  • Supports both wireless and wired Internet connections (two Ethernet ports for either LAN/LAN or WAN/LAN)
  • IPsecVPN termination (tunnel, NAT-T, and transport)
  • Wireless 2x2 MIMO