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Calamp Viper SC 200 VHF 215-240 MHZ

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  • Model: 140-5028-502

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Viper DataSheet

Note: The Calamp Viper SC 200 comes with a 1 year warranty.

The Calamp Viper SC 200 is a powerful, point-to-multipoint bridge or router for licensed narrowband spectrum holders. Featuring a capable IP router for VHF frequencies and 900 licensed networks, the Viper SC 200 contains an internal web browser with a familiar interface for IT and network managers to establish and view device information, configure network parameters and deploy unit upgrades from various locations. The Viper SC 200 has impressive VLAN capabilities, which greatly improve its scalability, security and traffic-flow management. The Viper SC 200 is flexible and can be used as an IP router, terminal server, Ethernet bridge, access point or remote site. By using a Software Defined Radio, the Viper SC 200 is programmable for 50, 25, 12.5 or 6.25 kHz channels.

Featuring cutting-edge QoS, the Viper SC 200 allocates guaranteed RF bandwidth to high-priority user-defined applications while supporting and prioritizing multiple, concurrent applications for maximum performance. Each Viper SC 200 features single device storage and forward and route redundancy for extended range and simple network expansion. Multi-speed operation permits each remote Viper SC 200 to communicate to a Viper SC Base Station at high-speeds, depending on the signal strength. With advanced diagnostic capabilities, over the air firmware upgrades, channel migration and RoHS compliance, the Viper SC 200 is a tremendous investment for the future. A list of the Viper SC 200's additional features and benefits include:


  • Multi-Level Modulation allows up to 128 kbps in a 50 KHz channel
  • QOS for simultaneous use of multiple applications and data transfer prioritization
  • 1-10 Watts output Power, software selectable
  • Viper can function as an IP Bridge or IP Router and also supports Terminal Services, allowing IP to Serial Conversion
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant providing AES 128/256 encryption, Radius authentication and Multiple VPNs
  • Multi - Hop store and forward routing to avoid obstructions and extend range

With its excellent features and efficient remote management options, the Viper SC 200 offers the high performance and reliability necessary to meet all your connectivity demands.