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Panasonic Wearable Camera Kit

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  • Model: WV-TW310

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Assembly includes:

- Camera Head with Long Cable WV-TW310L

- Battery Container (Belt pack) WV-TB311

- L wrench for sdhc card compartment tt-t8tplwrch

- 32GB SDHC Storage card RP-SDW32GP1K

- Conversion box. PoE I/F, 12VDC input for charging & data upload. WV-312

- AC adapter for WV-TB311. Input: 100~240VAC Output: 5VDC, 2A. ACPA0520-3643


- 1/4 type MOS image sensor, Effective 1.3 megapixel resolution

- Wide Angle Fish-eye Lens: Approx. 180 degrees horizontal and 140 degrees vertical angular field of view.

- By the gyroscope compensation, the vibration image can be stabilized.

- Wide Dynamic Range allows the camera to capture details in dark and light areas simultaneously.

- High-color reproduction by primary (RGB) color filter

- Color mode / black & white mode automatic switching is available by simple Day/Night function.

- H.264 recording of 1280 x 960 image size, up to 30fps

- H.264 images are recorded on the SDHC memory card of the camera, up to approximately 32 hours depending on the video bit rate.

- Pre-recording is possible up to 30 seconds, depending on the settings.

- Built-in microphone enables to record audio with G.726 (ADPCM) 32kbps.

- Continuous operating time is approximately 5 hours when the battery charged fully.

- IP65-compliant Dust and Water-resistant of the camera and the battery.

- By Wearable Camera Agent Software, the video image data on the camera is automatically uploaded to a PC via the conversion box.

- Viewer software enables fish-eye original images to play back with stabilization distortion correction.

- The video image data can be scrambled and the scrambled image data uploaded to a PC can be verified by the Viewer Software.