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Calamp Integra TR UHF 480-496 MHZ 25 KHz

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  • Model: 242-4048-730

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Integra TR DataSheet

Calamp's Integra-TR is a highly-featured modem with an effortless setup process. Available in both UHF and VHF frequencies, this modem offers stable data communications over an extensive range. As a PC programmable, transparent modem, the Integra transfers real-time data, using CWID for identification and CSMA to minimize retries and reduce channel interference. Data-activated transmit (DOX) automatically activates the transmitter in the presence of any data; avoiding the need for an RTS handshake from terminal equipment.

The Integra-TR also supports CTS flow control when the terminal rate exceeds the network rate. The Integra-TR remote online diagnostics monitor and maintain all communication links, which permit power, temperature, voltage, signal strength, antenna/feedline conditions and data decode performance to be transmitted without any application interruptions. The Integra-TR prevents the transmission of any extraneous data bits to the terminal device, which make it perfect for use with protocols that require extraneous data bit filtering. A list of the Integra-TR's additional benefits and features include:

Benefits and Features:

  • Full application transparency
  • 1-5 Watts operation, software selectable
  • Extended temperature range for harsh environments
  • Separate application and setup/diagnostics ports
  • Up to 19.2 kbps error-free data
  • Diagnostic output supports OPC-enabled diagnostics feature

With its impressive connectivity and robust features, the Integra-TR can provide you with a first-rate networking solution at an affordable price.