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Calamp Phantom II ISM 902-928 MHZ

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Phantom II DataSheet

The Phantom II delivers secure, wireless connectivity in the license free 902-928 MHz ISM band by utilizing Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology. As a highly-featured modem, the Phantom II can operate as a master, remote or repeater in a single unit and offers efficient data throughput for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and peer-to-peer networks. The Phantom II is incredibly versatile and a few of its typical uses include, SCADA, industrial automation and other data collection applications.

With its two serial ports, one Ethernet port and one USB connection, the Phantom II provides continuous connectivity between Ethernet and serial devices. This modem is able to transfer wireless communications between a base station and multiple remotes and serve as a high-speed, transparent bridge between two Ethernet networks.

The Phantom II features extensive system capabilities with full VLAN support for separate management and data networking as well as user interface via local console, telnet and web browser. Network management is also available through SNMP V1, V2, and V3. In addition, The Phantom II offers optional, Quality of Service (QoS) support to ensure optimal performance of IP protocols and ports. A list of additional features and benefits is listed below:


  • Up to 1.2 Mbps wireless link rate with efficient, low power consumption
  • Master, remote, repeater in one unit
  • 2 serial ports, 1 USB port, and 1 Ethernet port
  • QoS support for both serial and IP tra c, 100 mW - 1 W adjustable Tx power
  • Local and remote firmware upgrading through FTP, RADIUS server support

With its cutting-edge features and high speed connectivity, the Calamp Phantom II is a great solution for all of your professional endeavors.