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CradlePoint COR IBR600LP 4G LTE / 3G w/ WiFi

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COR IBR600 DataSheet

Note: The CradlePoint COR IBR600LP comes with a 1 year warranty.

The CradlePoint COR IBR600LP is an affordable and efficient router that provides steadfast connectivity for a variety of mission-critical business and enterprise purposes. With a robust, M2M integrated broadband router with a dual-mode 4G LTE / HSPA+ embedded modem, this device is designed to maximize connectivity while deploying a host of industrial, retail and M2M network solutions. When wired connections become inconsistent or unreliable, the IBR600LP can provide support for wired networks, such as, DSL or Cable. The IBR600LP also features optional failover and failback options, which enable the router to switch over effortlessly to another active connected data source to keep your network running smoothly.

The IBR600LP comes equipped with a mounting bracket, external mobile broadband and Wi-Fi antennas---making it ideal for use in portable or fixed applications, such as, ATMS, kiosks, surveillance and many others that demand consistent connectivity. The IBR600LP also enables safe and dependable VPN functionality and permits users to manage, create and terminate up to 5 simultaneous IPsec VPN sessions. As a result, networks have more secure access for enterprise applications and safer data transmission of sensitive material from a remote site.

With its flexible connection options and consistent connectivity, The IBR600LP is a perfect solution for your business or project needs.