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CradlePoint Extended Enterprise License 3 Year

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CradlePoint's Extended Enterprise Licensing program provides advanced routing and security features that are designed to increase productivity and business continuity for an enterprise's network. Customers who opt in will have immediate access to a number of features, including:

Advanced Enterprise Routing: Allows users to set up complex network routing architectures including router redundancy internally and externally. This allows the device to participate in more advanced routing ecosystems at the edge.

More Advanced VPN & Tunneling Protocols: Expands an enterprise's ability to adopt and use different types of secure VPN tunneling.

NEMO (Network Mobility) / DMNR (Dynamic Mobile Network Routing from Verizon):

Gives companies the ability to directly communicate and manage LAN-connected devices attached via CradlePoint routers. This separates customer data from public traffic and provides a direct connection back to their internal IP network. Access and traffic flow is completely controlled by customers and allows them to manage LAN devices from a central location without the need for individual VPN connections for each LAN-connected device.

CradlePoint is actively engaged in the development of new features to further enhance the functionality of their networking solutions. When new features become available, they will automatically be added to CradlePoint devices with Extended Enterprise Licenses when firmware upgrades are applied. Customers will have the ability to choose among the offerings that are critical for their network, quickly deploy the chosen application, and streamline network management.

Use With:
ARC MBR1400 and MBR1400

All COR products: IBR600 and IBR650 Requires:

CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager provides automatic enablement for the term of the license*

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