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Digi CTANK-M520 3G w/ Mid Range Sensor - AT&T

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  • Model: CTANK-M520

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Note: The Digi CTANK-M520 is available for activation on the AT&T network and comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Digi CTANK-M520 is an advanced, cellular-enabled remote tank level monitoring solution for deployed tanks, totes and containers. With its Class 1/Division 2 rating, compact size, sturdy NEMA4X enclosure and extended battery life, the CTANK-M510 an ideal solution for your industrial, utility and M2M network. The CTANK-M520 provides accurate distance measurements for industrial management and manufacturing automation, which allows you to monitor tanks up to 15 feet in depth. CDMA and 3G GSM cellular technologies enable the CTANK-M520 to be installed in locations where network support may prove inaccessible.

Etherios, an optional Device Cloud platform, allow this device to smoothly integrate data streams, permitting companies to connect rapidly and manage their remote assets using a wide-range of applications. The CTANK-M520 supports logistical and operational optimization and delivers real-time tank location and data analytics, an efficient routing of fleet and personnel, reduced transportation and fuel expenses, and improved supply chain management predictability. A list of additional features and benefits of this device include:

CTANK-M510 Features and Benefits:

  • Remote access to tanks, anywhere---anytime.
  • Integrated ultrasonic sensor with non-contact liquid level, which includes temp/sound speed compensation
  • Fully integrated sensor/long life-battery/global cellular in NEMA 4X enclosure for broad tank application support
  • Increased supply chain management

With its remote management options and impressive features, the CTANK-M510 can provide your company or business with an effective tank monitoring solution.