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Encore Networks Bandit 2 C2C B2002-0000-0000-1

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Bandit 2 C2C DataSheet

The Bandit 2 C2C is a full-featured M2M device designed for your professional network. Available in either rugged or commercial grade versions, the Bandit 2 C2C comes fully equipped with an integrated router, terminal server, firewall, serial-to IP conversion, legacy-protocol conversion and VPN functionality with an embedded cellular modem. With its extensive network safety features, The Bandit 2 C2C delivers secure system data and SCADA network connections to the internet, secure wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN), and commercial cellular data IP services. The Bandit 2 C2C is well-suited for banking (ATM), Point of Sale (POS), elevators, industrial process control, vending machines, kiosks, healthcare, RTU's, and many other legacy devices that depend on Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) telephone lines terminating on CPE with embedded analog modems. The Bandit 2 C2C possesses seamless host site diversification failover capabilities, which enable it to manage disaster recovery and application load sharing to various host sites. A list of this device's additional benefits and features include:

Benefits and Features:

  • Serial port supports legacy traffic
  • IPsec or Selective Layer Encryption (SLE) for enhanced VPN over satellite networks
  • Multi-network connectivity over any network including Frame Relay and IP Broadband
  • Remote Monitoring and Configuration capabilities
  • Cellular connectivity for primary, load sharing, back-up or out-of-management support

With its consistent connectivity and user-friendly features, the Bandit 2 C2C is an optimal solution for your business or company's needs.