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Encore Networks Bandit-3 B3100-0000-0000-0

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Bandit 3 DataSheet

The Bandit 3 is a rugged, cyber security appliance built for your professional network. This device comes with an integrated router, firewall, terminal server, serial to IP converter, legacy protocol conversion and extensive VPN functionality. Ideal for use in utility, transportation, green energy and traffic control system applications, the Bandit 3 delivers system data and SCADA network connections to the Internet, secure wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN), and commercial cellular data IP services. The Bandit 3 supports up to 6 serial RS232 ports, an integrated four port fully managed Ethernet switch, selectable power supplies, redundancy options, and an optional integrated V.92 modem. This device has two expansion slots that provide optional digital connectivity for models such as Fiber, Ethernet DMZ, and others, which provide connectivity to microwave, satellite, IP, Frame Relay/MPLS services, analog radio and/or cellular connectivity modules. A list of this device's additional benefits and features include:

Benefits and Features:

  • IP Sec with DES, 3 DES and AES (256)
  • Up to 6 serial ports for legacy traffic support
  • Remote monitoring and configuration options
  • Cellular connectivity for primary, load sharing, back-up or out-of-management support
  • Multi-network connectivity over any network including Frame Relay and IP Broadband

With its unparalleled security features and powerful connectivity, the Bandit 3 has all the necessary capabilities to keep your network operating smoothly.