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CradlePoint ARC MBR1400LE2 4G LTE w/ WiFi - Sprint [MBR1400LE2-SP]

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The CradlePoint MBR1400LE2 is a device that offers the connectivity you need for your professional network. With its 3G/4G USB modem compatibility and versatile connection options, the MBR1400LE2 is ideal for use in retail point-of-sale locations, branch offices, restaurants and small businesses. Our customers really like the MBR1400LE2’s great Wi-Fi capabilities, which help your network stay connected, anywhere---anytime. With its excellent security features and reliable failover options, clients have come to rely on the MBR1400LE2 across a wide-range of industries. We highly recommend this product for all your networking needs.
Date Added: 07/01/2014 by USAT Corp