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Mobile Mark SMW-305 Multi-band Antenna

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  • Model: SMW-305-3C3C2C

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The SMW-305 Series Antennas features 3-elements in one antenna radome. The unique feature of this model is that the cellular element (Cable 1) is extremely widebanded and can cover: LTE at 700 MHz as well as the established 850/1900 GSM/CDMA bands, 1.7/2.1 AWS bands and WiMAX 2.5 all on a single board. This antenna is truly ready for any 4G rollout but is also compatible with earlier generation such as GPRS. See the spec table below for exact frequencies covered on each cable. In additional to covering all of the cellular bands on the first antenna element, the antenna also covers 2.4/5 dual-band WiFi on the second antenna element. Alternatively, the second element can be used for other specialized applications such as: Public Safety coverage at 4.9 GHz, Military at 4.4 GHz or DSRC at 5.9 GHz. The antenna is enclosed in a 4.2''D x 3.2''H (107 mm x 81 mm) weatherproof radome, and supplied with all mounting hardware and a sealing gasket. The radome is available in either black or white.