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Red Lion / Sixnet EnterprisePro R-1300 w/ 1 Ethernet, 1 Serial, Embedded Modem

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Note: The Red Lion EnterprisePro R-1300 comes with a 1 year warranty.

Red Lion's EnterprisePro R-1300 is a robust, intelligent router---engineered to deliver high-speed connectivity and powerful remote management capabilities that challenge its competitors with even the most advanced platforms. With its real-time failover capabilities, the EnterprisePro R-1300 is an ideal primary and backup solution for companies who rely on mission-critical connectivity for enterprise or business-related services. The EnterprisePro R-1300's unparalleled security and routing capabilities protect against unwanted intrusion, ensuring the safety and integrity of all your professional networks.

The EnterprisePro R-1300 offers an optional feature called SixView Manager, which provides user-friendly, web-based management and configuration services. This remote management tool administers swift and effortless deployment, allowing users to manage countless devices from a single console. The EnterprisePro R-1300's flexible deployment options reduce your total cost of ownership and grant advanced investment protection. This device also permits out-of-band access to the primary router, enabling remote problem diagnosis without the need for expensive landlines. A list of this device's additional features and benefits include:

Features and Benefits

  • WAN Link and primary router failover diminish revenue loss; VRRP support allows clustering and permits IP transparency
  • Remote management and monitoring increases network visibility and enables faster device configuration and management
  • Fast, reliable wireless data access reduces operational costs and minimizes application downtime
  • First-rate safety features; Dynamic routing options include IPSec, SSL and GRE tunneling
  • Flexible deployment options accommodate 1 or 5 Ethernet ports

With its compelling features and seamless connectivity, the EnterprisePro R-1300 is an excellent investment for your business or company's future.