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Red Lion / Sixnet IndustrialPro BT-6801EB 3G w/ I/0, 1 Ethernet, 1 Serial, POE - HSPA

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IndustrialPro DataSheet

Note: The Red Lion IndustrialPro BT-6801EB comes with a 3 year warranty.

Red Lion's IndustrialPro BT-6801EB is an intelligent and capable modem, delivering high-speed and secure wireless TCP/IP connectivity to critical assets and devices at remote sites. In situations where space is limited or constrained, the IndustrialPro BT-6801EB can support real-time data access, monitoring and control for even the toughest applications. This device's compact, rugged design make it perfect for use within various industrial and M2M applications. With its various Ethernet and serial interfaces, the IndustrialPro BT-6801EB can connect RTUs, sensors, meters and other remote devices to a central site or SCADA server.

The IndustrialPro BT-6801EB contains extensive built-in security and routing capabilities to protect against unwanted intrusion and provide continuous cellular connectivity. This device also offers optional remote management features, which permit user-friendly deployment and configuration for a wide-range of devices. The IndustrialPro BT-6801EB is extremely flexible and can serve as both a primary and back-up connection to ensure maximum business continuity. A list of this device's additional benefits and features include:

Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced safety features; Routing options include IPsec, SSL and VPN
  • High speed connectivity allows for comprehensive coverage
  • Simplified remote management options permit easy deployment and configuration
  • Remote TCP/IP based capabilities; connect multiple devices to single WAN link
  • Multiple interfaces: 1 or 5 Ethernet ports, USB and serial

With its rapid connectivity and accessible remote management options, the IndustrialPro BT-6801EB is a great solution for all your professional needs.