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Red Lion / Sixnet IndustrialPro SN-6401EB 3G w/ 1 Ethernet, 1 Serial, POE - EDGE/GPRS

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IndustrialPro SN DataSheet

Note: The Red Lion IndustrialPro SN-6401EB comes with a 3 year warranty.

Red Lion's IndustrialPro SN-6401EB is an intelligent, high-speed router designed to deliver mission-critical connectivity for an array of industrial and M2M applications. With its versatile Ethernet and serial interfaces, the IndustrialPro SN-6401EB enables effortless wireless communication between SCADA servers, remote RTS and PLC/controllers and other automation devices. When operating in space-constrained locations, the ruggedized IndustrialPro SN-6401EB supports real-time data access, monitoring and control for even the most challenging applications.

With its persistent 4G LTE connectivity and reliable 3G/2G fall back capabilities, the IndustrialPro SN-6401EB provides excellent streaming video support for monitoring applications. This device features convenient VPN capabilities, data encryption and stateful firewall configuration, which protect your remote networks from unwanted intrusion and unauthorized access. The IndustrialPro SN-6401EB also offers optional remote management features, which simplify deployment and configuration for a wide-range of devices. A list of this router's additional benefits and features include:

Features and Benefits:

  • Remote TCP/IP based capabilities; multiple devices can connect to single WAN link
  • Supports 4G LTE connectivity with fall back to 3G and 2G
  • Web-based configuration management simplifies deployment
  • Rugged, compact design is ideal for use in hazardous locations
  • Built-in security enables infrastructure protection

With its cutting-edge features and steadfast connectivity, the IndustrialPro SN-6401EB is a great networking solution for all your professional endeavors.