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Red Lion / Sixnet MobilityPro BT-5600v2 3G - EVDO

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  • Model: BT-5600v2

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Note: The Red Lion MobilityPro BT-5600v2 comes with a 3 year warranty.

Red Lion's MobilityPro BT-5600v2 is an efficient 3G modem, delivering scalable and cost-effective connectivity solutions for mobile and fixed data applications. With its rugged design, optional Wi-Fi connectivity and embedded GPS functionality, the MobilityPro BT-5600v2 is ideal for use in mission-critical applications such as, public safety, first response, fleet automation and other intelligent transportation system deployments where high-speed communication is essential. The MobilityPro BT-5600v2 can provide reliable cellular connectivity in other portable and fixed locations such as, remote kiosks, convenience stores and mobile merchants.

In space-constrained locations, the ruggedized MobilityProBT-5600v2 deploys easily and supports real-time data access, monitoring and control for a wide-range of applications. This router's Wi-Fi and USB host options offer great flexibility and can seamlessly connect to extraneous equipment, which include, laptops, handheld devices and much more. The MobilityProBT-5600v2 comes equipped with remote device management options that expedite the deployment process, reduce onsite visits and grant flexible connectivity across a variety of devices. A list of this router's additional benefits and features include:

Features and Benefits:

  • High-speed 3G technology delivers persistent connectivity
  • Remote device management enables quick and effortless remote device configuration
  • Optional Wi-Fi connectivity creates secure mobile hotspots; optional USB host supports additional serial devices
  • Software Development Kit supports custom applications
  • Advanced Event-Reporting engine optimizes fleet management and tracking, while increasing mobile efficiency and safety

With its rapid connectivity and impressive features, the MobilityPro BT-5600v2 is a great solution for all your business or company's needs.