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Red Lion / Sixnet RAM-6601 3G w/ I/0, 1 Ethernet, 1 Serial - CDMA/EVDO

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RAM 6000 DataSheet

Note: The Red Lion RAM-6601 comes with a 3 year warranty.

The RAM-6601 is an intelligent, cellular RTU with 4G LTE that offers a multifaceted platform to remotely connect, monitor and control assets across a variety of industries. The RAM-6601 uses a built-in Modbus gateway to interface with existing RTUs and PLCs, which provides real-time access to data from pumps, valves, reclosers, transformer capacitor banks and meters. With its rugged, reliable design, the RAM-6601 can facilitate deployment in space-constrained locations---making it optimal for use within a wide-range of industrial and M2M applications. This device's I/O concentrator also enables users to locally collect sensor data to optimize bandwidth by reducing polling cycles.

The RAM-6601 features a single web-based user interface, which simplifies input/output, network and security configuration to reduce the complexity of deploying, managing and configuring multiple devices at remote locations. This device's integrated security firewall administers maximum intrusion protection and secure data access, while an on-board Software Development Kit (SDK) gives users the ability to upgrade custom applications. The RAM-6601 works in conjunction with an optional, remote monitoring and software program, SixView Manager to grant low-cost, real-time access to remote sites. A list of additional benefits and features include:

Benefits and Features:

  • Remote TCP/IP based capabilities; connect multiple devices to one WAN link
  • Delivers real-time access to SCADA data
  • Connects remote Modbus devices and lowers operational and equipment costs
  • Built-in security and routing safeguards networks from intrusion
  • Software Development Kit permits custom application optimization

With its compelling features and steadfast connectivity, the RAM-6601 is a worthy investment for your business or company's future.