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Red Lion / Sixnet RAM-6601EB 3G w/ I/0, 1 Ethernet, 1 Serial, POE - CDMA/EVDO

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RAM 6000 DataSheet

Note: The Red Lion RAM-6601EB comes with a 3 year warranty.

The RAM-6601EB is a durable, cellular RTU with 4G LTE that offers a flexible platform to remotely connect, monitor and control assets across many different industries. The RAM-6601EB uses a built-in Modbus gateway to interface with existing RTUs and PLCs, which provides real-time access to data from pumps, valves, reclosers, transformer capacitor banks and meters. The RAM-6601EB comes equipped with an I/O concentrator that enables users to locally collect sensor data, which optimizes bandwidth by reducing polling cycles. With its rugged and reliable design, the RAM-6601EB can facilitate deployment in space-constrained locations---making it optimal for use within a wide-range of industrial and M2M applications.

This device's integrated security firewall administers maximum intrusion protection and secure data access, while an on-board Software Development Kit (SDK) gives users the ability to upgrade custom applications. The RAM-6601EB works in conjunction with an optional, remote monitoring and software program, SixView Manager to grant low-cost, real-time access to remote sites. The RAM-6601EB features a single web-based user interface, which simplifies input/output, network and security configuration to reduce the complexity of deploying, managing and configuring multiple devices at remote locations. A list of additional benefits and features include:

Benefits and Features:

  • Software Development Kit permits custom application optimization
  • Remote TCP/IP based capabilities; connect multiple devices to one WAN link
  • Connects remote Modbus devices and lowers operational and equipment costs
  • Delivers real-time access to SCADA data
  • Built-in security and routing safeguards networks from intrusion

With its multifaceted features and user-friendly remote management options, the RAM-6601EB is a valuable solution for all your business or company's connectivity needs.