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Red Lion / Sixnet Routers

Since 1972, Red Lion Controls have secured their position as global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking. With an extensive network of more than one thousand distributors worldwide, Red Lion is a company with impressive global capital and great financial stability. As the Recipient of the 2013 Automation World First Team Supplier award in HMI hardware, data acquisition hardware and networking components, Red Lion manufactures high quality products that deliver uncompromised performance and proven network system interoperability. After 40 years of dedicated service, Red Lion Controls has served countless clients within a wide-range of industries. As a company with a strong investment in product research and development, Red Lion creates valuable products that play a vital role in maintaining the operations of many of the most mission-critical organizations. With its world class reputation and award-winning products, Red Lion Controls has the innovative technology to help implement all of your business or company’s solutions.