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Sierra Wireless AirLink® Raven

Powered by ALEOS, the AirLink® Raven XT is built on a powerful platform and processing environment, enabling a robust and future-proof design. The Raven XT features a sleek, compact form factor, increasing its versatility and ability to be integrated within existing infrastructure and enclosures.

Class I Div 2 certification for use in hazardous conditions, makes the Raven XT ideal for many industrial applications, including Oil & Gas. It’s ideally suited for any application requiring a serial interface, such as Infrastructure, ATM, or any Telemetry application.

Additionally, the Raven XT is equipped with a mini USB port increasing the flexibility of the device, simplifying module level diagnostics and updates.

The Raven XT is available on CDMA networks through North and South America and GSM networks through North and South America and throughout Europe.
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