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Sierra Wireless AirLink® Routers

Sierra Wireless AirLink® is the global leader in manufacturing cellular 2G-3G-4G LTE gateways and routers used for wireless networking in industrial and mobile environments. Sierra Wireless AirLink® is a trusted source worldwide for intelligent wireless modems, including the GX440, LS300, ES440 and Raven X cellular gateways that are used by utility, law enforcement, first responder, financial, and manufacturing applications. Sierra Wireless AirLink® offers a quality product with an exemplary history of service to critical infrastructure industries—since having developed a strong reputation with public safety clientele in the CDPD network days with the MP200 series. In addition, with the release of AVMS and Airvantage M2M cloud services, Sierra Wireless AirLink® offers the industry leading remote management software system for their devices. Sierra Wireless AirLink® is a division of Sierra Wireless, based in Vancouver, Canada. The Sierra Wireless AirPrime division manufacturers the cellular radio modules used within its AirLink® line and used by many other cellular gateway manufacturers. In 2014, Sierra Wireless was able to celebrate the one hundred millionth device sold. USAT Corp. is a top distributor of Sierra Wireless AirLink® products in the USA and has been a proud partner of Sierra Wireless since 1999.