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Sierra Wireless InMotion oCM Mobile-Optimized VPN Server

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oCM VPN Server (oCM)DataSheet

The mobile-optimized oCM VPN Server (oCM), provides secure IP mobility and sub-second switching in a multi-network environment.

Designed to work with the oMG Mobile Gateway (oMG) and oMM Management System (oMM), the oCM consolidates security onto a single platform and provides security for all your connected devices and applications in the Vehicle Area Network.

With the combination of the oMG and oCM, enterprise applications that require a stable connection and/or static IP address can now be fully mobilized and operate in the vehicle over multiple networks, including data networks from different service providers, public and depot Wi-Fi infrastructures. Static IP plans from the service provider are no longer required. Secure connectivity of devices without VPN client support can be realized. FIPS compliance can now be met. Management of the network is now within the full control of the enterprise.