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Sierra Wireless AirLink® GX400 3G - Sprint

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  • Model: 1101208 / 1101274

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GX400 DataSheet

Note: The Sierra Wireless AirLink® GX400 is available for activation on the Sprint network and comes with a 5 year warranty.

USAT is proud to present The Sierra Wireless AirLink® GX400 3G---a modem engineered to deliver high-value performance across multiple markets. With its premier GPS capabilities, multiple interfaces and mobile broadband connectivity, the GX400 is ideal for use in a variety of mobile, fixed and portable environments.

A modern ARM 11 class microprocessor and convenient expansion slot enable this device to provide the scalability and reliability necessary to deploy location-aware M2M applications. The 100-base T Ethernet port allows for effortless integration with any IP enabled device, such as, in-vehicle mobile data terminals, video surveillance cameras, digital signs and much more.

The GX400's compact, rugged design, comprehensive remote management and versatile deployment options make it a competitive and economical solution for all your connectivity needs.